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    I was wondering where I could get books for my visor, preferablely free.
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    For people like me , the Visor for Dummies book is being published this month. Mine is preordered on

    free computer books?
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    P.S. Print the Visor Handheld User Guide that's on your Visor CD. Much easier to use the 273 pages that way. Covers most everything pretty well.
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    Originally posted by Mooney:
    I was wondering where I could get books for my visor, preferablely free.
    Books ABOUT the Visor, or ebooks to READ on your Visor?

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    I'm sorry. I wasn't clear enough. I wanted to find ebooks to read on my visor, free if possible. Thanks.
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    Try memoware at or mobipocket at
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    i just found

    (recently got ZDtv on our cable lineup and tonight they suggested looking on this site for ebooks that you could load on your palm..they recommended 'THe Flatland' by Edwin Abbott)

    you'll need a text to .pdb convertor...there are threads on this site that discuss the various apps that do this.
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    iSilo lists several ebook site links. ContientVille, a new site, is to have ebooks in the future
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    I have several freely available eBooks on my web page for your Visor also. Check my User Profile for the URL link.

  10. #10 has sci-fi galore. There are free downloads for registrants. I've got 3 including a current Hugo nominee. also has free downloads.
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    Qvadis has a library of 3000+ free etexts, and links to 125+ other sites for free etexts for the Visor. It also has ebook reader software for converting and editing etexts, and for reading on the Visor. Really useful site!
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    Stephen King, Riding the Bullet, is publishing his book, The Plant, on the internet, $1 per installment.

    From Peanut Press
    New in the store this week is Seth Godin's Unleasing the Ideavirus. This book is a first for us: it's FREE and UNENCRYPTED. Seth's thesis is that ideas spread like viruses and he's out to prove the thesis
    with this book. So download your copy now and pass it along to a friend. You can send copies over the Net or you can use the Beam
    feature that we've just implemented and use the infrared port on your handheld to broadcast copies to all of your friends and work associates (remember to beam or email them the Peanut Reader as well).Unleashing the Ideavirus:

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    NY Times bestselling author Seth Godin's new book "Unleashing the Ideavirus", which is featured on the front cover of Fast Company this month, and is rising fast on the bestseller list, is now available FREE from Qvadis.

    Qvadis have released a special edition Doc version, along with a preview of their new Express Reader GT version 1.20. The Doc version of "Ideavirus" is only 170 kb in size, and makes for quick e-mail or beaming!

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