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    Hi All, just getting familiar with my new toy.

    First question:

    I have ton of ringtone I would like to transfer to my Treo600...
    How can I do it from my PC?

    Second question:
    I am building application that's require WAP push support (SMS sent with an embeded URL) and my treo600 doesn't seem to recognized these message. But it does work on Nokia, Motorola and other GSM phones..

    And last:
    For some reason my treo600 doesn't seem to like it when I sent an SMS and received one immediatly after... Need to reset it and wait for the wireless network to resend it again a few minutes later...anyone experienced that? (Application like TV voting)

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    I found the answer to my second question. It's a phone software limitation. I downloaded Ringo Pro and I can now receive WAP Push on my phone. The funny thing is I sent and Ringo Pro consider all URL as ringtones but you actually "accept" to downloald the ringtone, it will start your WAP browser.

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