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    A while ago there was a discussion about the perfect mobile device, which involves a Cellphone and Palm PDA (for example, the Zire72) linked by bluetooth.

    Basically, the idea is you have a compact cellphone and a PDA. The two are connected via BlueTooth. When you want to make a call, you just grab the phone. You can browse the net on the PDA using the cellphone as modem/ wifi.

    The advantages are you can get a large screen PDA, compact phone, and you can get cheap games and ringtones and whatnot for your cellphone. Also, you can get both Bluetooth (on the cellphone side) and WiFi (on the Zire72 side).

    So how would the Treo650 stack up against a combo PDA-cellphone?
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    I've had the cell/pda combo linked as you describe and while it works, it can be flakey and is not without it cons. First having bluetooth on all the time to link the devices is a battery drain. Second the connection simply is more flakey and dropped on me more often. It was harder to configure in the first place, although once setup it's setup. Also without extra software I couldn't use the pda for sms's and had to resort to T9 input. On the other hand there are all the advantages you mention, plus the ability to leave the pda at home at times. Which is the final point for me. I like the fact that with only device I use one less pocket.
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    Have you ever watched someone walking down the sidewalk trying to talk on the phone with one hand, and look up some information on a PDA with the other? Especially when the PDA requires a stylus? Or trying to look up a number on the PDA, then dial it on the phone, without juggling? I've come close to dropping one or both devices more than once.

    The Treo600 saved me from two device Hell. (And it fits in my pocket, so I don't look like a geek with stuff hanging from my belt.) I'm never going back!
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    Personally, I have gone back and forth on this 3 times now, although with Windows Mobile devices, however, the same issues that people have with 2 devices on the Palm side will be very similar to the windoze side

    1) Siemens S56 combined with a HP iPaq h2215. Worked fine, worked as advertised. GPRS just really too slow to do any meaningful surfing anyway.

    2) Bought a Motorola MPx200 and sold the S56 & iPaq. A very simple convergence device, too slow (GPRS) for web. Good for email reading, horrbile for email responding. T9 is way better than iTap or similar methods for text entry, but it's just a pain in the end.

    3) Went back to cellphone only for a while when the Mpx200 became buggy....felt naked

    4) Then I bought the iPaq hx4700. Incredible screen, wi-fi is nice when you can get it. Worked well with my Moto v600 for bluetooth, but slow (again, GPRS). Overall, way too bulky carry around. So then I sold my v600 and bought an SMT5600 (Windows mobile smartphone). Good combination with the hx4700, BUT way too bulky to carry that and the cellphone around, which is why I got the Windows Smartphone - all my appointments and contacts & email with me in small form factor, but still the power of the bigger VGA handheld when needed.

    5) But...the Treo650 came out on GSM and well....the Audiovox smartphone sold today on eBay. The iPaq is going up tonight. The idea of having 2 devices now seems really really strange. I had originally thought about the Treo600 when it came out but it seemed too buggy for me at the time. The 650 seems to have resolved a lot of those issues, I am glad I waited for it.

    The Treo does just about everything my iPaq did. It's not quite as powerful as the iPaq and there are some apps on the Windows Mobile side that I have used that they just don't make for Palm, so I have to get used to that. But overall, I just can't see carrying 2 devices around ever again!
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    I have a Sony TG50 and Nokia 6310i combo and absolutely love it. Sending SMS via bluetooth without taking the phone out of the pocket is pretty cool. But my T650 should arrive in 2-3 days and hopefully will make my pockets lighter and life easier without the need to have a PDA, phone and probably iPod together.
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    Previously using seperate devices for PDA (Ipaq 4155), phone (SE 610), mp3 (iPod), I've found combo is so much easier. Also with the software base you can expand the functionality of the Treo, such as email, using MMPlayer to play movies, playing games, etc.

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    After years of looking for and trying most every all-in-one device known to man, I got my 650 this past Saturday. It's everything I need, and I couldn't be happier.
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    I agree; while I have a Tungsten T3 (wanna buy one? ), and a T616, I've since upgraded to a Treo 650 and an HBH-660, and it's worlds better. Sure, the Treo is a little bulkier, and the amount of items is the same, but functionality has been placed in better 'buckets'. All in all, better productivity, better communications, and overall convergence.
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    i have essentially the same setup. a T610 and a T3. It is a good combo although sometimes as previously mentioned, a little flaky. The Treo 650 (i have GSM unlocked) isn't without its hiccups either. I liked the T610 for going out at night/summertime and having a small phone, and then being able to combo it with my palm while on the road during the workday. My clothes 'fit', ie I don't sport Roca Wear and I'm not some IT dude that lives in his cargo pants, so the size of whatever I was putting in my pocket was a serious consideration. I'm also thin, so when you couple that with clothes that fit, putting some phone on my belt is kinda like the tail wagging the dog, and I'm not trying to scare the ladies away either just to have some dork cred.
    However, once I put it in my pocket, the Treo 650 didn't actually seem lots bigger, and definitely not as heavy as the T3. I also had major keyboard envy with the Clies that sported them, and preferred that over grafitti. I also wanted efficiency. I think certain devices have their place, like the iPod. It fulfills a need. Music on the go- in the car, in the gym etc. As nice as it would be, I don't think it's possible (now)to really have a PIM that's also a phone that's also a great gaming box with plenty of mp3 storage. I don't care how great people say the PSP will be- it's still going to be too freakin big for someone like me to attach to my daily lifestyle. The iPod and whatever iteration of the next gameboy will stick around because they fill a niche doing just a few things very well- when you try to be all things to all people you compromise.

    Having said all that, after a certain point the gadgets started adding up, and I was sick and tired of taking notes and sending text messages to colleagues and friends through numerical text entry on the T610. Although the bluetooth implementation was very good (better than the Treo's for sure), the antenna was sub par and the camera was a joke. I was ready for a new phone, and had to choose between getting something like the K700i, which was basically a $350 upgrade to the T610, or consolidating my PIM and phone with the 650, while selling my T3 and trying to sell my T610.

    I chose the 650, and here's why. Less stuff, and the size with a simple skin case (or the Vaja T65 for you doctors and lawyers out there) is very manageable. Web browsing and email is faster and more instantly gratifying than the the SE/Palm combo, and DUN is just as good when I need it. Taking notes and text messages is no longer an act of patience with a well implemented keyboard, and if I want to buy a whole slew of mediocre software, I can now use MP3s for ringers and alarms and SMS notifications (although I'm totally baffled why this isn't all in one stupid app!). The only thing I probably miss is the aforementioned bluetooth implementation on the T610. My Jabra BT200 worked better with it, and from my Powerbook, I could just browse the T610 to add whatever pictures or midi ringtones I wanted, although there were serious space limitations. Also, the antenna on the 650 is considerably better. I worked all last week in a rural part of the eastern shore of MD, and never dropped, often maintaining a full signal. With my T610, I only had a few bars in that area intermittently at best. I realize I've probably overexplained this and I'm sure there's more positives about my switch, but work beckons me. So far I'm pretty happy with the Treo 650- just maybe not all the silly applications you have to buy to do a little customization and I think the accessories are for the most part way overpriced.

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