Ok, it's not that exciting.... but... I found an old app, Wapman Pro from edgematrix. It allows you to create wap profiles with a gateway and port, and to control what GPRS Apn you connect to. I was able to view the T-Mobile Tzones deck and navigate around. I could also view other simole Wap sites. It's pretty cool for people who want to use the Treo mainly for messaging and only occassional web-ish use. The Tzones is only $4.99 and let's you access simple web sites along with email. Useful for being so cheap though not full web access. I believe Wapmn would work fine with Mlife and Cingular's wap deck as well, assuming one knew whet settings to use to access them. So this dispells the rumour that the Treo 650 is not wap compatible!