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    I've used Starfish Sidekick 98 as my desktop PIM for years. I think I need Starfish TrueSync Plus for Palm OS to synch it to my new Visor Deluxe, but nobody seems to have it, including the retailers Starfish referred me to. Any idea where I can get it? (Yes, I mean to purchase.) Alternatively, has anyone tried synching Time and Chaos to a Visor Deluxe? I think I can export my Sidekick data and start anew with T & C.
    Thanks for your help.
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    I don't think you can buy it; at least I've never seen it for sale. You can get it free from Yahoo! or Excite. Try and look for a link near the bottom.
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    You can get it free from Yahoo! or Excite. Try and look for a link near the bottom.[/B]
    Thank you, but those versions of TrueSync Plus are specific to those applications and don't seem to do the job with my PC-based Sidekick. Is it me, or does it seem odd that Starfish does not make TrueSynch available for its own PIM and Palm OS?

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    They must have changed the component install application. At one point, I'm sure that SideKick 98 was one of my options. Now when I go to the Component Install I get everything except Sidekick.

    Search these forums at VC for Sidekick. I know that someone here a while back was using it with TrueSync.
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    Thank you again.
    I tried that work around suggested here -- to sign up for the Excite or Yahoo calendar and use their TrueSync Plus to create the link between Sidekick 98 and Palm. But it didn't work. Well, tomorrow is Monday, when everyone's tech support depts. reopen. I'll see if I can get this straightened out.
    It's very heartening to find this great site with people so willing to help. I hope I can return the effort.
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    go to truesync site and look for upgrade or add components, or go to sidekick site and try the same.
    I use the rex and the visor d. and it was at one of these sites that had the install new components.

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    Once more, thanks for all your help, but apparently using Sidekick with the Visor and a USB cradle may not be possible. I got this answer from Starfish (Sidekick's publisher.) Starfish's TrueSync Plus does not work with USB connections and there is no plan to update it to do so. In addition, the rep I spoke to sounded like even the support people are kept in the dark about developments (such as they are,) including where to get their products. Starfish was sold to Motorola and seems to be concentrating on making itself useful in the mobile phone area. They still support Rex PDAs, but I guess they haven't noticed anyone using a Palm device.
    I've decided to try Outlook 2000 and Time & Chaos as replacements for Sidekick, although I have a natural fear of Microsoft software and T&C has some serious limitations.

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