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    Have a T600 and the MDM card works great, though it doesn't work for the T650...until now. See below:

    Anybody who has a T650 and has this MDM card try this patch yet? Inquiring minds want to know!

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    Not sure if the MDM card works with the T600 with the Sprint Updater 1.20.

    I did a back-up of my data using the card and it was opearting slower than usual. It ended up corrupting my Treo (Sprint updater version). Good thing I was in the process of transerferring files.apps bewtween two Treos (old Treo sans updater and new one--the LockLine replacement with the Sprint Updater), or I would have lost all my Snapper e-mails!

    Time to e-mail MDM.
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    Almost forgot: I did NOT install the MDM T650 updater on my newer (LockLine) Treo 600. Which makes me think something is amiss...

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    More info from the MDM guys...

    From: "Card Support" <>
    Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 12:59:13 -0800
    Subj: RE: Treo 600, Sprint 1.2" Updater and MDM back-up card (RE: A
    support request)

    Hi Kevin,

    We encourage users to update the Mobile Backup Card with the latest
    update (available on our Product Support Downloads page -
    This update resolves issues with the recently released palmOne devices.
    Please note the following when using the Mobile Backup Card on your
    palmOne Treo 600:

    1. Do not run the Mobile Backup Card while the device is performing a
    hotsync operation.
    2. The Mobile Backup Card is compatible with all US carrier versions
    of the palmOne Treo 600, including devices with updated ROMs.
    3. For future reference, do not Restore files (backed up from one
    device model) to a different device model. (Ex. Treo 600 files will not
    accurately restore to a Treo 650)
    4. Check your Mobile Backup Card to verify that you are using the
    latest version (Version 1.2 is latest available version). To check the
    version, launch Mobile Backup, tap the menu key, and select About
    Backup Plus.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to
    contact us.

    Best regards,

    MDM Customer Support
    Mobile Digital Media (MDM)

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