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    I returned my Treo 650 because of all the bugs they haven't ironed out yet, went back to my 600 till they do. Went through all the proper procedures, got the RMA and sent it back. Waited for about three weeks, still no refund to my credit card. Got a package in the mail today with the treo in it and a letter saying that they couldn't take my return and stating their return policies. So I called PalmOne and asked the representative what the problem was. He checked into it and said, "the phone wasn't in the box, it says here, just the earbud was". (I had gotten the free BlueTooth headset but I didn't have the box for it when I returned the phone), so I tell him "what are you talking about, I have the box right here, it was the headset that wasn't in the box". He says he'll check on it and be right the meantime, I run downstairs, grab the box I got in the mail and realize there is no Bluetooth headset in there at all!! So I think to myself, "maybe they put it in with the phone or something?" So I open the box only to find all the manuals, that little adapter thing and the headset!!!! WTF!! No phone, charger, hot sync cable, or Jabra headset!!!!????. I tell the guy I don't know what they hell they have going on around there, but he needs to figure it out REAL quick. He then tells me that I will be contacted in 24 to 48 hours after they investigate the situation, and that this had never happened before.

    What do you guys think I should do in this situation??
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    Did you ship it via UPS or FedEx? I hope you insured it, maybe someone ripped the phone off out of the box in transit? If it was a Sprint phone, you can call Sprint and report the ESN as stolen so it can't be used.
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    There have been some strange warehouse "mishaps" wrong items shipped, wrong invoices with shipped items....I think PalmOne needs to look into what's going on....
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    Did PalmOne send you a prepaid shipping label? If so they are responsible, through their insurance, for the loss of the phone in tansit.
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    If they are unwilling to resolve the situation, go to your state's website and file a complaint with the Attorney General - it should only take 10 minutes. THis is usually pretty effective, as they (AG) has a little bigger stick.
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    I had a similar situation, although not with P1, sonystyle shipped me a camera I bought from them and I got everything in the box except the camera, 2 months, they are still investigating, but promise I will get my refund back.
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    They did send me a pre-paid shipping lable, so I guess that's good. But I just think that some guy in recieving ripped it off to either use it or sell it or something. I just hope they can track exactly who touched the package from the time UPS dropped it off till it got in the hands of the returns person. I think that if it would have been ripped off along the way, they wouldn't have even delivered the package??

    I like the Attorney General idea, I will definitely do that if they don't call with some pretty promising news.

    Thanks guys...Colin

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