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    I regularly travel to a town that is not near a big urban area and is seveal miles north of the interstate.

    In the past, when going there I would lose my Sprint signal and get a "no service" message at some point north of the interstate just before getting to the town. Then, on the way back, the phone would pick up a signal about where I had lost it, but it would always come up "roaming" and would stay roaming even well onto the interstate where sprint has a good signal. The only way to get a sprint signal would be to turn off the phone and turn it back on again.

    Just went back to the town after installing the roaming patch and to my surprise, I had a strong sprint signal all the way into the town and never lost it. I turned the phone off and on to see what would happen and it picked up the sprint signal with no problem

    So, unless Sprint put in new tower this past week, the patch made a big difference.
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    Same here, I had a dead spot (notorious dead spot on all carriers) during my homeward bound commute. My big test for my Treo 650 was to see if I could get through this spot without dropping.

    Without the patch - DROP
    With the patch - Solid signal all the way.

    Supah cool!
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    I just went on a week long trip. I went through central Illinois, central and northern Indiana, Central and Eastern Michigan and Eastern and Northern Ohio. I almost always had a Sprint signal, but the few times I was roaming, I made sure I tried calling someone. Every time it worked fine. So, I guess their patch worked. Now if they could only fix the.........
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    Does the roaming patch just patch one file or is this a complet ROM update?

    I'm running one of Shadowmite's ROM Patch (patch #5) and I was not sure if I could run the Sprint Roaming Patch or not with that installed?
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    Sort of related: on my old phone (Samsung sph-a500) there was something called "Call Guard" that prevented one from making or receiving a roaming call without having to press an extra button. This meant that you did not by mistake make or receive a roaming call without knowing so. Is there something like this for the Sprint Treo 650?
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    You can go into the phone preferences and turn off digital roaming.
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    You can do the roaming patch over top of Shadowmite's ROMs. Shouldn't be any problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sndtubes
    You can go into the phone preferences and turn off digital roaming.
    Where? I work by the Canadian border and mt 650 will grab one of the three carriers without me leaving my office suite. I sometimes get a "Welcome to Canada" mms and other times I don't.

    I have gotten charged roaming charges and have gotten them reomved (they said it is a one-time only processat T-Mobile). SO I would like to have the phone not ROAM automatically. I don't see where this is possible to prohibit roaming.

    I guess you are speaking of "Select Network" and manually selecting T-Mobile. I know I have done this and have had the Canadian carrier pop up any way.

    The patch is obviously for Sprint 650s, I'm on a GSM Unlocked Treo 650.
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    I hadn't applied the patch because I wasn't having problems. Big mistake. I went on a trip and found I couldn't make any calls over a very large part of the state I was in. My advice, apply to patch.
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    Update. Just headed south and a spot where, normally, I have very poor Sprint signal (and on occasion lose it) now has a strong signal the whole way.
    Also have noticed that, since I installed the patch, my signal in my house is better. Before there were spots in my house where there would be "no bars" but not anymore. Still not a great signal mind you (live in a hole in a hilly town!) but much better than before

    Not sure what the "roaming patch" did but it is making a big difference for me.
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    Well I just installed the Roaming patch and we will see how things go. Friday I'm leaving Monterey, CA to drive down to San Diego where I'll be for two weeks. Then we are leaving San Diego, CA to drive to our new home in Dallas, TX.

    I still bet my trusty Verzion phone has better single coverage then sprint. Last time we drove from Indiana to Oro Valley, AZ and I never lost a signal nore went into roaming. My wife's sprint phone only worked 1/2 the time.
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    Mine has been great since the patch. The dead spot about 5 minutes from my house is now perfectly fine. Between the roaming patch and Shadowmite's DUN/ROM patch, my 650 is nearly perfect in every way.

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