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    every time i try to go on the internet in cancels me out. when i first got my treo 650 i was able to go on the internet no problem.

    those on you on cingular's network can you pls verify my below settings under "Network" in the "preferences" section. (i assume this is what connects me to the internet).

    it says the following:

    sevice: Cingular GPRS
    Connection: GPRS
    Password: Assigned
    APN: wap.cingular

    is this all correct?


    - robert
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    looks the same as mine, but make sure the PW assigned is correct. Cingular CS should be able to troubleshoot
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    i am having the exact same problem. it just started today for me. for the past few weeks i have had no problem with blazer or versamail. now, when i try to connect it cancels me out.


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