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    Sorry to have to ask but....On the phone screen there is at the bottom an area containing "contacts, camera, web and voice mail.
    In the voicemail box there is a number one off to the right. Common sense tells me that I have a voicemail but when I dial up it says I have none.
    Anyone know why there is a number 1 there?
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    I think it stands for Voicemail box 1.
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    The 1 is because it's assigned to "Quick Key" 1. If you assign other favorites to other buttons it will show the letter/number you assign.

    Though I do agree that it's very annoying. I'm still trying to train myself to realize that it doesn't mean I have voicemail. I really wish there were a way to edit/delete the pre-configured favorites.
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    press and hold the #1 and it will automatically dial, quick key

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