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    Aights.... I did my best to search on how to get my bluetooth to sync. I have tried and tried and I don't get it. It's quite annoying.

    It was hard enough to get my bluetooth driver into the comp because of sp2 and bluetooth conflicts. I wasn't aware that i had to get the program myself.

    Anyhow my problem is that i can't get it to sync.

    I have done a discovery. I have set it up in my palm to hotsync bluetooth .

    I believe that i created a virtual serial. I checked marked LOCAL on hotsync. Setep did COM7. I think that's the one i'm suppose to do.

    I know that my computer recongnize my phone because i'm able to send the file through 3com manager and my phone receives it, but i can't hotsync it.




    also whe i sync my palm shows a screen of :

    Bluetooth Security
    Enter Passkey for
    My Bluetooth Device:

    i put in my password...and it doesn't work
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    uhh... iono why... it jus started working for somd odd reason...... moderator you could just delete this post
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    sync takes forever... i was under the impression that bluetooth can move a lot faster.... the bluetooth is moving really slow... is there anyway to speed this up ???

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