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    I just found the greatest piece of Palm software ever. I used to be a confirmed member of the Quicken fan club. But my new Dell computer came with Microsoft Money 2000. I wasn't motivated to switch however until I found Ultrasoft Money. It's a palm-app that is a companion to Microsoft Money. You can enter transactions either on your visor or over in MS money, and they reconcile with each other during HotSync.

    Some online propaganda at the Ultrasoft Money website ( said that a lot of Quicken users switch to MS money just so they can use this too, and I beleive it. I just got it this morning, and I can already see how it's going to be absolutely invaluable to me. I'm a disorganized mess without my visor, and have a bad habit of hanging onto receipts too long. But now I'll just enter them on the spot! Very, VERY cool.

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    Most banks also allow you to download your bank statement at any time in MS Money format. You can configure money (as I have) to log into your bank and get the updated info, so when you sync up every morning you can be sure that you have an accurate picture of what you really have in your account. I always used programs like BankBook to keep track of stuff until I found the ultrasoft program, and I would forget to write down online transactions (like book purchases from peanutpress) all the time. Now I know exactly what I have in my account every morning before I hit Coffee People for my mocha!
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    I didn't know you could get MS Money to download bank statement info! Can you tell me more about that? It'd probably be best if you e-mailed me directly,

    --Steve Lacher
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    Regarding downloading your statement from a bank -- this is assuming you trust the bank to never make a mistake?

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