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    I have the Treo 600 and also have Documents to Go installed. This is my problem. Whenever I receive an attachment in an email and it's a word attachment, I can never get Documents to go to open the file. It always asks me if I want Memopad to open the file.How do I make the Documents to go program be the default program to open word files? Thanks
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    Which version of Docs to go are you using? I have version 6 at present--along with my trusty T600. Am wondering if users in this forum who have version 7 of Docs to go report any difference in speed/performance etc.
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    For some reason DTG is not registered as the default app for word file types. Have you tired reinstalling DTG to fix this? Also a file extension manager like media manager or receiveit may fix this. Lastly, try saving the word file to card first and then openning with DTG...
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