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    So it has almost been a year since I have been using my unlocked Sprint T600 on Verizon's network. No (major) problems until today, when I decided to update the PRL by dialing *286. Now the damn phone radio can't turn on; the device soft resets. I have tried all manners of reseting the device, from hard resets to the K+Delete key battery reset, nothing gives. I reflashed the firmware with the Sprint 1.20 from P1's site, have tried to enable the passthrough with ##3424...anything and everything which needs to turn the radio on results in a soft reset.

    In short, it seems I have a dead Treo 600, as there seems to be no way to reset the PRL, much less the entire phone. My contract with Verizon is about to end (1st week of March, IIRC), so I'm thinking of simply switching over to Sprint...if I go to a Sprint store and ask them to switch my service over to them, that ought to work out well, right? Any ideas or suggestions would be deeply appreciated! Thanks for reading this, guys!
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    I have the same problem. I received a refurb 600 from Lockline. I only had it 4 days. I was playing an MP3 and the phone went dead -- dead as in no lights, no screen. I cannot use any apps; the device simply will not turn on. Recharging does nothing. As soon as the Sprint store opens, I will be there with the 600 paperweight.

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