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    I am using ACT! and the treo600. After two weeks of perfect syncing, I am getting hung on the ACT to Palm part of the sync. This puts my ACT info into the palm address book for use as a dialer. The ACT Link for ACT on palm is working fine. If I turn the conduit off, it will sync whatever I put in my address book through the Palm Desktop. Not happy, but an export workaround is partially working. I need to break the cycle and do a soft reset to get out of the loop.

    Any ideas? Is this hardware or more likely a ACT problem. Tech has been on it and eliminated a contact record scenerio, reinstalled hardware and even tried another ACT database.
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    Turns out to be a corrupted palm link software. Reinstalled with upgraded version and problem resolved. I used my local Act consultant. Not sure of the etiquette of this board...but if anyone wants his number, let me know. He knows a lot about Act and the palm.

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