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    Well I went into the Sprint Store today and exchanged my 3rd 650 for another one... I actually almost returned it when the Rep said I can't get another 30 days for in store replacement ... but whatever.

    I made this thread just to let you guys know that I returned TWO T650's with Shadowmites custom rom installed, and they didn't see **** . Maybe the Technicians don't see "dial up-networking" but I didn't care. I hotsynced my **** in the car on my laptop, then gave it a hard reset. I complained about my P key, freezing, resetting, lag, etc. And the rep told me it could be applications downloaded... which it could, and I belived him until he said "like one custmer had downloaded WORLD CLOCK and it was causing problems"

    I showed him on the new out of the box phone that World Clock comes pre-installed. *****.. lol.

    I just made this thread to say that they took back my ROM Updated phones but I coulda jus gottan lucky... this phone also has a good P key and doesn't lag as much on dialing (I resynced my data). Still waiting for P1 fixes though...
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    [ Treo 650 on Sprint ]
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    im still on my only one i got back in nov from sprint store, maybe im lucky but mine rocks and i dont want to replace it at all
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    Yup, my first (and only) one is still working fine, too.
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