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    Hello I am CRNA and i am wanting to get a treo 650. I am wanting it so i can use aprocratise but i see that it may not be very fast with that program. I need to be able to look drugs actions and dosages very fast .... If any of you have any suggestions on if i should go with the 600 or the 650 let me know.

    Also, The hospital I work at has wireless internet and offer it to us for free while in the hospital. Can i access it with these types of PDA's if so what one. Or is the wireless company make me use there services...Not for sure if this is the right place to ask but thanks for the information
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    600 if you want to play safe.
    You may get lucky with an unlocked GSM T650.
    None of these devices have Wifi capabilities for wireless internet at present.
    You should look into PPC 6601 or a PDA which is wifi capable such as Hp or Dell and buy a phone separately.
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    I use epocrates all the time in the OR with the 650. THe problem is that the stylus is needed to navigate, the 5-way doesn't do a good job. It's worth it.

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    Thanks for the information guys.... Man i hate that it doesnt have a damn Wi FI ..I really dont want to carry a phone and a PDA
    So, I will be paying 200 more $ for the treo 650 just because of the blue it really worth that..or am i missing something

    Sketchy, What aprocratise program do you use.

    thanks again guys.
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    If you want WiFi to access wireless in the hospital, you might want to get the Siemens SX 66 PDA phone which has Wifi
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    With the limited memory on the Treo 600 and 650, I would say Tarascon's drug reference is a better solution then epocrates: 300 K vs 5 M of RAM. (Tarascon stores its databases on the SD; epocrates does not.)

    If WiFi is a must-have, you might want to look at the WiFi sled Enfora is supposed to roll out soon. Then again, there's also the ever-present speculation that SDIO WiFi is just around the corner, although with as little RAM as these devices sport, I don't know if I could spare my SD slot, even for WiFi.
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