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    I have unlocked GSM Treo 600 which was purchased 14 month ago (2 month out of warranty). Last week it started to reset randomly on incoming call. Later it started to hand up during incoming call: it rings, I press ANSWER button on screen and it freezes. If I turn off wireless more it works perfecly as PDA.

    Did anybody experienced similar problems? What repair options I have, it
    being out of warranty? I am planning to get myself 650 anyway, so maybe
    I can just sell it as-is for somebody who will want to try to repair it?
    (Also it could be used to get free bluetooth headset when upgrading to
    650 from PalmOne). What would be reasonable price to expect for the
    device in such condition?
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    have you updated your firmware?if not try updating it first.
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    If you have the most up to date firmware, try a hard reset to clear out everything. This may be a simple software issue. (Updating the firmware requires a hard reset, so if you do that, don't bother with my suggestion).

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