Hey all,

Been a long time Palm OS user/lover. Last device was a T3, before that a TC, and now, finally the first phone... Treo 650.

I'm lovin' it so far... I'm not experiencing a lot of the problems I see here with the exception of poor voice and reception quality... hope that gets fixed.

Anyway, due to the new enhancements (new 5-way, dialog box nav support) and shortcomings (amount of memory), I'd like some recommendations on a few things:

1. Launchers
I know LauncherX, I know ZLauncher, I know SilverScreen. Personally, I find them all hideous and would like to avoid a discussion as to why. What I would like is a Launcher that resembles the inbuilt Launcher in as many ways possible, but with the ability to categorize apps on the card.

2. File Managers
I've always stuck to my staple diet of McFile and FileZ... but their simultaneous inability to understand the new 5-way is making me take out my stylus which is a flagrant personal violation. Are there any File Managers that respect the Palm OS interface guidelines (and not Apple's - you know who you are) and offer 5-way support? I grabbed "Files" off of a Tungsten T5, but it only lets me browse the SD Card, not the internal memory... I'll have another visit to OfficeWorks and see if there are some supporting files I've missed.

I thought I'd point out some of the the tips that have helped my migration too

1. Graffiti Shortcuts
I have no desire for Graffiti (especially not v2), and I don't miss it, but I'd just like to point out that thanks to some posts on this board, I've learned the s-alt combo to get the graffiti shortcut stroke (wish there was a faster way!) and I've grabbed the Shortcuts Preference Pane from a T|C which works fine for editing those shortcuts (but no 5-way ) I'll see if I can sort this one out with a visit to a T|T5 again.

2. FieldsPlus
Pretty sure the developer is a regular here. Great product... fills in two very necessary gaps for me: The ability to highlight as I navigate my cursor around with the 5-way and the bringing back of the oh-so-important Command Bar, an absolute requirement for copying and pasting serial numbers!

3. MSMount and/or PowerRun
These were helpful at first, and I do recommend MSMount, but I've happily found myself rarely using MSMount, and still am able to keep 10MB of internal memory free (needed for SmartST.. aka NAVMAN 4460).

Thanks for listenin'... guess this turned out to be a bit of a mish mash, but the primary goal is to know if a launcher or file mgr as I've desired exists.

Oh yeah, WTF is up with the fact that you can't access internal Photos & Videos? How'd they do that?

Cheers and thanks!