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    Does anyone out there know of a good program that can transfer Adobe Reader format into Palm format to be read in some doc program? May need a good Doc program as well. Would like to see my new Stephen King Part 1 installment on my Palm just like Riding the Bullet
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    RichReader has a windows program called PDRTORR that will do what you want. It isn't pretty but it is usable.
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    Where is that available on?
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    see the link in the VisorCentral news item of King's book.
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    A couple old threads might be helpful -

    Multicolumn brochures and newsletters don't translate very well. Also, watchout for password protected pdf files, as they choke most conversion utilities.

    The solution that yields the best results is a pain. Print the pdf file (preferably on a 1200dpi laser printer), scan the printout, run the scanned document through an OCR package, and output to a plain text file. The text file is easily converted to DOC.
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    I downloaded King's book (after paying my $1), then I used InstallBuddy to convert it to .txt format. Took all of a few seconds. Now I'll be able to read it at work.

    Joe V. - Simi Valley, CA
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    I used InstallBuddy too, but the results are slightly ugly with King's story.

    Another conversion option to explore. Send the PDF as a MIME attachement to PDF2TXT or

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    I forgot to mention that I re-formatted it in Word, then re-installed it onto my Visor. Now it's only a little ugly!

    Joe V. - Simi Valley, CA
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    I found a shareware (not freeware) application that translates directly from .pdf to palm formats... It's called Konverter, and I found it at

    I haven't tried it with the King book, but I was avble to reformat some on-line pdf docs for my work...


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    Any for the Mac?
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    Both links that I provide above include web-based conversion utilities which should work with the Mac.

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