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    It's not possible to buy the Treo 650 in sweden (or anywhere else in Europe) yet.
    So I wonder if I can buy the Treo 650 GSM in the States and bring it back to sweden and make it work with my swedish GSM-operator?

    I can't understand why it shouldn't be possible, I got my Treo 600 before it was for sale in sweden (but it was for sale in europe though) and my most of my phones been working in both sweden and the states, no problem.

    BUT: I saw on PalmOne's site that there was problems with some operaters in tha US...

    I don't think there will be any problem, but... it's better to ask...

    And the second question... How can I get it to sweden? Do I have to ask someone i know in the states buy it and then send it to me?

    Hope someone can help me out!

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    I am in a similar position as I live in the UK. I rang P1 on the day the GSM unlocked version was released and was told I have to have a US credit card to purchase the phone. I made a call to a friend in the US who purchased the phone for me and it is now on its wat to the UK (should arrive today or tomorrow).

    As the phone is GMS unlocked, there is no problem with it working over here.

    Get a friend with a US credit card or pay a bit extra to get it from from Singapore (I think).

    Good luck mate, it will take a while, but it will be worth it as it seems the GSM unlocked version is a lot more stable than the CDMA versions in the US.

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    I live in Itay and would be very curious to hear how the Treo 650 fares here with a European card. What I am most worried about is whether it is a problem to download mail and to browse. I have a T3 and a SE T610 and until Palmone released the new PhoneLink updates I just could not make them download anything at all.
    Do you think that by having it all-in-one this type of problem would be avoided??
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    I am sorry to correct that info but it is possible to get a T650 in Europe, obviously unlocked and slightly more expensive than in USA.

    I bought one via mobilefly mobilefly for 635 EUR and arrived a week ago, I think there are other third party distributors delivering to europe, but I found this one the cheapest. It works smoothly so far. Both an spanish sim (amena) and an irish one (vodafone) are working without any problems - even automatic GPRS configuration in boht cases -

    I will try to post my impressions in a couple of days (previous owner of a T600 for 1 year and a half).

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