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    Has anybody found a retailer who has cradles in stock now. Dan's still does not have any - same with a lot of other vendors, including this site. I can't believe that the 650 has been out for 5 months and still no stock of cradles. Are they making them by hand, one at a time, on Pluto?
    As you can see above, I got mine from Waited over a month for it. And I see that now they are sold out again.

    I am with you. They must be making these things one at a time...
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  2. #182 now has them in stock 04/25/05
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    D'oh! The day after I buy one off ebay.
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    A WARNING to ALL! Do Not Buy This cable......

    I unfortunately became interested in this cable built by newtreouser. After sending him multiple emails about its construction and functionality, I paid for one of the cables for my Treo 650. As part of my emails to him, he stated that the cable was compatible with a 'headset' with the pigtail port. When I received the cable, it was not compatible and didn't work as specified. The cable was also poorly constructed. After emailing newtreouser a couple of time, he finally sent me his address to return the cable to him for a refund. I returned it, he acknowledged return receipt and still has yet to send me a refund, and it's been 3 months now!!!! I continue to email him but now he ignores my emails!!!

    This guy is a total scam. Not to mention, this cable is poorly designed and it's not worth the price. The connector is shoddy and the craftsmanship for the pigtail is poor at best. HEADS UP AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS SELLER!
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