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    My SMS doesn't work right away too..need to called Rogers to reset it. and it's fine now.

    Interesting that in phone info, it said "The number is not on SIM" for my phone number.
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    Otherwise I assume your phone is working. Do you like it?
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
    --Treo 650 unlocked/unbranded with Rogers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobookins
    Otherwise I assume your phone is working. Do you like it? far so good...did the first hotsync and ask for reset as usual.

    installed couple old applications from my Zire 71...

    DictionaryToGo version 1.5 build 1024
    IPCalc+ v1.02
    Secret! v3.1

    Luckily that these three old softwares work well without reset on the I used them a lot in my Zire71.

    This is my first time using I still need to get more experience on using it...still haven't tried the internet and doc-to-go yet..and somehow, I always treat the 'red phone' button as I always turn the screen off... And I need to search and get those helper utility to turn off the the keyboard backlight (maybe), turn on the phone radio after a reset, etc..
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    What About Volume
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcaslis
    What is Smartphonetools and where did you get it?

    I got it at this address
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcaslis
    FYI, I found a bug with TrafficStat 4.1. If it is enabled it blocks the sending and receiving of MMS messages (at least on T-Mobile). I emailed the developer and they confirmed that this has been reported on the 600 also. They said they are working on a fix but no date was given for it. I've turned mine off for now.
    Never used MMS messages. If I need to send out a picture, video clip, or audio recording, I use my email. Thus, I can send unlimited images/video/audio without additional charge(s).
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    Quote Originally Posted by redcap
    I hope you are using a 650 unit. This Fido footprint on Rogers' network is free only for a limited time offer. I believe starting in March 2005, you will have to pay additional cost to use Rogers' network. For Rogers customers, they are free to use Fido's network.
    Yes its a 650 and on the fido footprint you roam for free only for additional coverge where fido never had towers you will need to pay
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