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    I have the Treo 650 and recently downloaded Facer 2.5 trial version. Now Im having problems with the device resetting itself. It happens when I attempt to use Oxford Dictionary or Blazer. It doesnt happen all the time only on occasion. Can anyone help me? Does anyone know anything about Facer 2.5 is it a good program or it this problem with the other programs?
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    I've had several problems with Facer, and I had purchased it based on the use on my 600. It got so bad that I ended up doing a hard reset and have since had zero problems (without it installed). I think that Pocket Craft has to work out some serious bugs with Facer.

    Just my $.02.
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    Since your reply I did a hard reset also and ended all problems. Im with ya I think Pocket Craft has a problem. Do you know of another "facer type program". Is zlaucher like it? Thanks for the help.
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    I had facer on my 650 also. Constant problems. I am now using zLauncher....much much better.

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