Rather strange problem, but I could not find anything on the discussion forum that sounded vaguely familiar.

I noticed the following: I can call my office with my Treo 600 (unlocked T-Mobile) and have good quality conversation with my colleagues. However, when I call my office voicemail account the quality of the recorded messages is very poor and seems to deteriorate as I keep checking messages. It seems to be happening more often and from variety of locations. When I check messages via landline the quality of the recordings is good. (Same story when I call home to check my voicemail in there.)

My wife has Treo 600 with Cingular (unlocked). She has exactly the same problem. It got so bad she cannot retrieve messages from her office voicemail via Treo.


1. Anyone experienced anything like the above?

2. If so, was it fixed?

3. If so, how?