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    I live in Europe and I intend to buy the Treo 650 (unlocked of course), I pretty much seems that Treo 650 only comes with an American plug - but I just want to be sure if European plugs also are included or not?
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    but am guessing you can almost buy it anywhere @ hardware store
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    The included charger, however, supports 120/240 at 50-60Hz, so all you need is standard plug adapters.
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    Thanks - is the plug on charger replaceable, like the on the charger in 'travel set' - so I can use the plug from my current Palm-charger?
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    nope, not replaceable

    and FYI, all your current palm accessories *other than T5* is not compatible with treo 650
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    A seperate travel charger can be bought that has all the differents plugs

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