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    I quit using Verimail and started to play around more with Snapper and I like Snapper. So I figured "Hey verimail POS is hogging up RAM space" so I went to Shadowmite's site and downloaded ROM #5. I already was using ROM# 3 without the Realplayer with no problems.

    So I installed ROM #5 and everything went just the way it should. I ran my backup to restore my files and programs. (this might of been my problem?)Now I'm getting a really weird effect on my phone. So far it has happened to me 3 different times. One time was when I was testing my cell by calling it. When I looked at my screen the backlight looked like it was running at .0001 brightness. I could just make out the answer button and this is while I'm sitting in my house on a cloudy day. It also did this to me a few times after I "woke up" my screen from it being off. I could just see the outlines of the windows and such. If I hit my power button (to make the screen go off) and then press it again the backlight comes on full power like it should.

    Just thought I might pass this info along. I'm in the process of doing a full reinstall just incase something is wigging out since I removed Verimail.
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    Looks like it fixed its self once I did a hardrest again and reinstall all my apps. I guess doing a restore from a backup is not a good idea.

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