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    What's the best way to move the SMS messages and Calendar entries over from the 600 to the 650?

    I tried to Hot Sync the PDB files that contain the SMS messages, but when I went to SMS on the 650, it didn't see them. Any ideas?

    I uninstalled all my Palm Desktop stuff from the 600 and started fresh with the 650 and am reinstalling all programs manually....
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    Did the same thing but didnt work out. have you got a solution for this now ?
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    I have same problem upgrading from 600 to 650 none of my SMS messages appear :-(
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    Unfortunately, you cannot import your old sms logs from the 600 to the 650 b/c the db's are incompatible. However there are tools to archive and or extract text logs from the sms dbs...
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    Thanks, a bit disappointing that Palm didnt create an utility for transferring messages

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