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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that the visor couldn't do 4-bit/16 level greyscale due to the OS. However when I asked Handspring support for more info on this and if they had any plans to upgrade the OS (now that we know that they can do upgrades without flash), they just replied with this extreemly short message:
    We support 4-bit 16 level grayscale.

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    Handspring Technical Support
    Am I wrong? I was almost certain that the visor could only do 2-bit/4 level greyscale using the built in API calls.
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    Visor does support 4-bit greyscale.

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $problem$ $is$ $that$ $many$ $apps$ ($including$ $AvantGo$) $see$ $Palm$ $OS$ $3$.$1H$ $and$ $think$ $it$ $only$ $supports$ $2$-$bit$ $greyscale$.

    This is because Palm OS 3.1 supported 2-bit while 3.3 and later versions support 4-bit.

    Unfortunately, applications don't recognize 3.1H as having 4-bit capability.
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    Then wouldn't it just be possible to use a program like DOS's setver command?
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    While the Visor hardware does support 16-level grayscale, Palm OS 3.1 (and thus the Visor's 3.1H OS) does not support 16 gray levels. On the other hand it does support 4 gray levels (2-bits/pixel).

    Here is a bit of text pulled off of an article on :

    "The first Palm Computing platform devices have an LCD screen of 160x160 pixels. The built-in LCD controller maps a portion of system memory to the LCD. This controller can support 2 bits/pixel grayscale; however, the Palm OS software only supported 1 bit/pixel monochrome graphics until version 3.0. Two bits/pixel support was added in Palm OS 3.0 and 4 bits/pixel in Palm OS 3.3. Palm OS 3.5 introduces support for both grayscale and color displays, with system palettes of either 1, 2, 4, or 8 bits/pixel."

    This article can be accessed at:

    The newer Dragonball EZ processor in the Visor and newer Palms, supports 16-level grayscale (4-bit/pixel).

    One of the primary reasons that I bought a Visor was the 16-level grayscale. I did not know at the time that the OS would NOT support it!

    The only programs that DO display 16 gray levels on the Visor are ones that write directly to the Dragonball EZ hardware registers. FireViewer is one that does this quite well. Unfortunately, AvantGo is not one of these programs.

    I really, really, really wish that Handspring would issue an OS update patch to update the Visor to Palm OS 3.5. I would even settle for and update to Palm OS 3.3 since it also supports 16-level grayscale, but TealPaint wants to see OS 3.5 before it supports grayscale at ANY bit depth. (I'd like to use TealPaint for editing grayscale pix on the Visor. But without OS 3.5 I only get black and white. )

    I would think that such an update - of just the OS and not the built-in apps - would be fairly simple to do.

    Anyone at Handspring listening?
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    There is one application I know of that does work in 16-bit mode and that is AlbumToGo. I transfer images onto my BDx and show them to people sometimes. Images look much better than in AvantGo. Maybe someone could figure out how the programmer is able to do that.
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    Originally posted by swendor:
    Images look much better than in AvantGo. Maybe someone could figure out how the programmer is able to do that.
    The program writes directly to the DragonBall EZ processor to use 16 level grayscale. The probelm is that most apps don't take the time to do this and just use the built in calls in the OS. Problem is that OS 3.1 doesn't have the calls for 16 level greyscale.
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    Is there a way to isolate those instructions if the source code was made available? If so, could that be used as a patch to the OS so it would be in 16-bit? Or does anyone know how to write those instructions? Of all the SDK's that Handspring and Palm have issued, surely someone must know how to go about doing it.

    Just an idea...

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