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    Anyone know of any good backup alternatives that work on the Mac? I am looking for something that will run on the desktop. I have tried Palm Buddy but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $it$ $only$ $will$ $recognize$ $the$ $serial$ $port$ $and$ $not$ $USB$. $I$ $have$ $tried$ $Backup$ $Buddy$ $but$ $it$ $crashes$ $everytime$ $I$ $try$ $to$ $use$ $it$. $I$ $think$ $it$ $is$ $because$ $of$ $AvantGo$. $Everytime$ $I$ $have$ $attempted$ $a$ $back$ $up$ $using$ $Backup$ $Buddy$ $it$ $gets$ $hung$ $up$ $on$ $an$ $AvantGo$ $document$ $and$ $then$ $crashes$. $Their$ $website$ $said$ $it$ $would$ $automatically$ $skip$ $any$ $AvantGo$ $files$ $but$ $that$ $must$ $be$ $the$ $windows$ $version$ $only$.

    I have tried palm apps like Backup Bitster but whenever I install something new I forget to go in and check it so that it is backed up.

    Are there any other options available?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You could try BackupAll. It doesn't have all the functionality of the others, but its free, and it does all its work from the Palm side of the transfer.

    When you start it up, you see three choices:
    Force (forces backup of EVERYTHING)
    All (probably just the stuff that can normally be set to be backed up)
    Changed (just backup what's changed since last time)

    I've only used Force so far, and it does indeed backup absolutely everything on my VDx (including the AvantGo databases & app).
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    I don't know if this will work, but I had similar problems with backup buddy and having it get hung up on a 2MB file. The problem was solved by increasing the memory allocated to backup buddy conduit.

    This worked for me, it might work for Avantgo for you.
    By the way, I have AvantGo installed on my VDX and have had no problems using backup buddy.

    I have a mac running OS 9.0.4 and a USB connection.
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    The problem was solved by increasing the memory allocated to backup buddy conduit.
    How did you increase memory to the conduit itself? Isn't it just a document and not an app? Do you mean that you increased the memory to the conduit manager or hotsync manager?

    Thanks for your reply
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    Sorry about my last post, that was quite difficult to understand.

    Clarify: Increase the memory allocation to the "conduit manager".
    This file should be located in your Palm folder - assuming you've got Palm Desktop installed.

    1. Highlight Conduit Manager with a single click.
    2. Select "Get Info" from the File menu
    3. Select submenu Memory
    4. Increase the preferred memory allocated to the file. (I've increased it to 12000 k which I'm sure is overkill, but it's more than the original 2737k)
    5. Try it again.

    It worked for me.
    Give it a try.
    Hope this helps


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