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    You guys have 'Call Barring'? My Sprint T650 doesn't have this menu .. and I think I want it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lion
    You guys have 'Call Barring'? My Sprint T650 doesn't have this menu .. and I think I want it!
    Its a very cool option!!! You set it when you go to the bars and it scans ladies phones to see if it can pickup any. Saves you the trouble of having to ask..

    Kidding - this option lets you prevent outgoing calls (all calls, international calls, or international calls except calls home) and incoming calls (all calls or only when roaming).
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    what about adding numbers to existing contacts? i get calls from people and i dont happen to have the number they are calling from. my nokia phone had a menu option to add the number to contact- instead of only adding a new contact... i wish they had that
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    My bet is that it's stored in one of the HsPh (Handspring Phone) entries int he Saved Preferences database. Unfortunately, I have no idea which one.
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    Add me to the list of those wanting an solution to this. I had read this thread, was aware it was a problem, and in a moment of stress, made the wrong choice. At least I can do a hard reset, and recover from last night's backup - but yuk! My unlocked GSM also does not have a "Call Settings" menu - or anything i can find that has a way of gracefully recovering from this "feature".
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