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    I've searched this site and the internet and can't seem to find a solution for my issue - not sure if anyone could help:

    I have scrolling issues on my Treo 600 (Factory Unlocked GSM) - examples include:
    - When in the To-Do list - if I'm, say, reviewing all of my to-do items for today - and I change a date on one item to a future date - the Treo scrolls down to that future date. So to get back up to today's items, I have to scroll all the way up. Gets quite painful as I often have 20 or 30 to-do items a day!
    - If I go into a long memo - as you'd expect my Treo opens at the top of the memo. However, if I click down on the 5-way navigator button - it goes directly to the very bottom of the memo - but the scroll bar on the right of the screen indicates that its still at the top of the memo.

    I would be interested if anyone else has experienced and fixed this issue? Particularly the To-Do one as it quite time consuming!

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    I've seen the same problem in the memo app. The scroll bar doesn't always track where in the document the display is. It might be locked to the cursor that could be back at the top of the screen.

    Whatever the's poor

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