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    i've noticed a rash of "cracked screen" treo 600's here and there around the various forums and on ebay...

    i myself just had the screen on my sprint 600 crack...except there was NO IMPACT OF ANY happened from one moment to the next...plane landed...checked my a starbucks...went to return calls...and...WHAMMY...two orange hot spots, one near top, one near bottom, middle of screen, with a blue field of nothing connected by cracked web looking stuff...

    so...i didn't have the insurance on the phone (i know...stupid...believe me it won't happen again) here is where it just gets RI-FRICKIN'-DICULOUS:


    palmone: "we can't do anything for sprint phones, call sprint"
    sprint: "we only replace, no repairs...but your's is not a warranty because it is cracked..."

    now, call me crazy, but this seems a bit too one is accountable and i can't even PAY to have it fixed...i smell a rat here...THE SCREEN IS NOT CRACKED...IF YOU LOOK AT IT WITH THE SCREEN TURNED OFF THERE IS NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE OF IMPACT OR STRESS...NO CRACK OR IMPRESSION ON THE ACTUAL EXTERIOR OF THE SCREEN...THIS PHONE HAS NOT BEEN IMPACTED...the damn problem is, when you turn it on, the screen looks like i took a screwdriver and stabbed it in two spots...IT'S looks like it was willfully damaged...

    could anybody with the same type of "cracked" screen problems coroburate any of this or commisurate...there's more to this, i'm telling's gotta be bad screens or something to do with flying...

    thanks for reading...
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    I had a big crack appear in my screen recently and it was the same situation. No impact or stress whatsoever. I baby the phone like it's made out of 100% glass. Sat the Treo down on top of a PILLOW after checking a voicemail and picked it up 15 minutes later to find a big crack stemming out from one of the edges (with black and orange stuff covering about 30% of the screen). This was a replacement phone that they had already sent me. I don't know if it was still under some kind of warranty, but I did have insurance if I needed to use it. I just called PalmOne, told them the phone had a defective screen, and did the advanced replacement. They didn't even question it. My phone is through Cingular, but I bought it from PalmOne's site. Unfortunately, it looks like this 3rd replacement might be defective as well... I'm not sure though. It just drained a fully charged battery in about 2 hours, so something's not right...
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    Same problem here. I'm on hold with PalmOne now; the Verizon store--where I don't have insurance--told me to try the manufacturer.
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    Same problem: after a plane trip; I took the Treo out of my pocket after landing: the screen was broken. Internally broken, I would say, the external part of the screen (the one you can touch) is still perfectly smooth.
    Palmone asks a fixed price of 180 euros to repair it (I'm in France). That's about $240 ...
    I already had a broken screen with my Treo 270, it happened when closing it (maybe a bit too fast, but still in a normal way). After struggling with handspring at that time, they finally repaired it under guarantee. Now I'm a bit tired of Treos ...
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    The screen on my Treo 650 -- which I also baby -- cracked without any impact.

    It was fine. I put it in my suit coat pocket (with the screen facing me, for protection).

    I went to use it later and the screen was cracked -- along the right side.

    There's got to be a thermal problem or some other defect.
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    Mine aint cracked but as a lightning from clear sky mine got the dead pixel problem ie orange spots. Im two weeks out of warranty and dont feel like paying for a repair as it will probably happen again?

    Anyone know more about this dead pixel disease? To me it seems like a manufacturing fault/inferior screen quality ie nothing I should have to pay for.

    Bit pissed about the whole situation as ive had nothing but good experience with Handspring during my 180g, 180 and 270 ownership (with and out of warranty).
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    Wish I could remember where on this forum (or maybe on, but there's a thread about replacing screens, with a link to the vendor and instructions. A new screen (can't remember if it was the 600 or 650 or maybe both) is only $20. I believe they also soell a tool to help open the case.
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    Shneor, that sounds great. Let hope someone else know the link. Will try and search the net in the meantime.
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    Have there been any updates on this? The entire bottom half of my Treo 600 screen is blitzed, even though there's no sign of physical cracking of the screen covering. I JUST bought the Treo used on Ebay for $240, too
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    my treo 600 screen cracked about 2 months ago. i did nothing. i was on the phone with my friend then when i was done i went downstairs for dinner and i set it on my desk (im only 16). i can back up stairs after and my treo screen was cracked. i bought it used so i cant go through a warrenty to get it fixed and use to have replacment screens but they just removed the product from there company. im SO ANGRY! so its been 2 months and im stuck with a ghetto treo oh joy. what a great bday gift i got
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    For some of you, don't forget, if you purchased new with a credit card, you MAY be able to contact the credit card company if your warranty is gone. I guess they cover phones/treos... you will need to check.|/personal/cards/benefits/bft_warranty_mgr.html|Warranty%20Manager%20Service
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