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    My Handspring Visor that Hotsynchs with 3 iMac workstations. Problem is, calendar entries duplicate themselves, both on the Visor and on the Palm Desktop.

    My "PalmOS Bible" has nothing to say about this. I thought "synchronization" meant the newer entry always replaced the older one. Anybody know how duplicate entries can be prevented?

    Replies appreciated! Thank you. :-)
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    I just purchased a program from Stevens Creek Software ( called "UnDupe" that I read about in another post. I was testing out several conduits and desktop PIMS and ended up with a lot of duplicates.

    The above program appears to successfully eliminate exact duplicates. It's a bit "scary" in that it does the purging automatically, but I have not noticed any problems and an "exact" duplicate is supposedly needed before an entry is purged. They have a demo version. Good luck.

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