View Poll Results: Are you satisfied with your Treo 650?

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  • VERY SATISFIED: only minor issues, if any.

    151 56.55%
  • SOMEWHAT SATISFIED: a few issues that I can live with.

    74 27.72%
  • SOMEWHAT DISSATISFIED: a few major issues.

    23 8.61%
  • VERY DISSATISFIED: several major issues.

    12 4.49%
  • My 650 has been RETURNED to its place of purchase.

    7 2.62%
  • My 650 was sent in to be REPLACED.

    6 2.25%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. ehosey2's Avatar
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    My Sprint Treo 650 is " Da sheeeeet ! " I have owned mine since 12/22/04. Day two I had a Versa Mail issue so a call to tech support and a good hard reset to boot and I have been happily converged ever since. I even installed ZLauncher and a few other 3's apps, and no problems except the occasional soft big deal. Hmm, I wonder why my Versa Mail works perfectly now ? I love it !
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    9.5 out of 10.
    Lost 0.5 cause of lack of Wifi...
    No problems so far
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    My main issues are that Bluetooth could work better (especially in the way the headset initially connects when dialing or answering) and I have a weird problem with the phone saying there is "not enough power to activate phone", described in this thread:

    which has happened to me three times in the past week.

    Otherwise, the phone has been great and is such a big improvement over the 600. I was surprised that I did not have as many issues with the memory capacity as I had thought I might. And when you put a new monitor and video card on the computer (the great screen on the 650), it makes such a huge difference.

    I imagine that there will be a firmware release coming that may fix some of the issues...
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    I am on my third one in 3 months not a great track record but I developed this love hate relatIonship when it works there is nothing better out there but when it is not working and constant resets I want to throw it against the wall that's why I bought an innopocket case just if I lose my temper

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    I would love it if it was usable for more than ten minutes without a reboot. The phone is awful. I am waiting for my first replacement. Very disappointed.
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    Satisfied with my 650 so far. I have been lucky enough to get a good unit from Cingular. I'm glad I did not go for the PalmOne unlocked unit, after reading about some of their problems. The only minor issues I have are:
    - random resets here and there
    - slow on-screen dial pad
    - slow web browsing (where is EDGE?)
    - call volume could be louder
    I am assuming there will patches to fix some of these bugs sometime in the future.
  7. LennyV's Avatar
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    Lovin it. Could use more memory but I am working around it

    Ice Visor Deluxe-->Treo 90-->Treo 650--> Treo 700p-->Burgundy Treo 755p -->Onyx Centro--> Pre Minus--> Pixi Minus

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwead
    I would be interested in seeing this poll from the view point of 600 users who upgraded. I have a feeling that we won't see as many VERY Satisfied ratings.
    Co-sign 100%.

    I believe those that LOVE the 650 would have REALLY loved the 600, but those coming from a 600 are LESS THAN IMPRESSED with the 650.

    This, like everything in life, is about PERSPECTIVE.
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    650 was my first smartphone and I love it. The only issue that I have had is with Documents to go. It was very quirky at first but since have downloaded newer version. Installed it with virus protection turned off and used the dataviz tech tool to move all the apps to the sd card. Since then everything has worked fine.
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    So I had the phone eight days and all of a sudden none of the keys would respond, the d-pad, nothing. I couldn't hard reset it because it couldn't go past the first setup page that requires pushing the middle d-pad button. Now I'm told the phones are backordered and I'll have to wait ANOTHER one to two weeks, after having waited two weeks to begin with. I had planned to return the 600 for a warranty replacement since it had a bad screen, now I won't be able to until the 650 comes in, and that will be too late.

    I've had a IIIc, a Treo 180, a Treo 600 and now a 650, and if my world didn't totally revolve around this stupid device I would dump them now and get a refund. I've also spent a bundle on a bluetooth hands free kit and a GPS unit, and now they'll just sit there for now.

    Can't these guys expedite anything?

    Sorry about the venting, but the thread did ask if I was satisfied.
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    Yes. Absolutely. Best device I ever owned.
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    I think this thread is a good candidate to be promoted to "stickies". How about it?
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    A shameless plug to see more votes :-)

    I think I should have named the category "MOSTLY SATISFIED" instead of "somewhat"... Oh well. Bottom line, there are four levels of satisfaction and the percentages have been holding at roughly the same...
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    Quote Originally Posted by CognizanT
    Co-sign 100%.

    I believe those that LOVE the 650 would have REALLY loved the 600, but those coming from a 600 are LESS THAN IMPRESSED with the 650.

    This, like everything in life, is about PERSPECTIVE.
    I upgraded from a 600. While there are some things I liked better about the 600, overall the 650 is a noteable improvement, for me.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    The first Treo 650 I picked up (GSM, Unlocked) went back due to intermittent sizzling static from the phone rather than audio. It did it regardless of the number of bars.
    The new phone hasn't done it.
    Versamail somehow got corrupted and was resetting, but following the directions on PalmOne support site got that squared-away.
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    Absolutely LOVE this device. It is not perfect, but that is expected from anything these days. It does what it does. I use it for everything personal and most importantly for work. It satisfies all the basic requirements for me that i wanted it the phone feature, and use of all Outlook capabilities (ie. Task List, Calendar, Memos, etc)

    When I find some time, I have to sit down and start playing with this thing ie. Mp3 ringtones, games, PalmVNC or WinHand, etc..
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