View Poll Results: Are you satisfied with your Treo 650?

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  • VERY SATISFIED: only minor issues, if any.

    151 56.55%
  • SOMEWHAT SATISFIED: a few issues that I can live with.

    74 27.72%
  • SOMEWHAT DISSATISFIED: a few major issues.

    23 8.61%
  • VERY DISSATISFIED: several major issues.

    12 4.49%
  • My 650 has been RETURNED to its place of purchase.

    7 2.62%
  • My 650 was sent in to be REPLACED.

    6 2.25%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Love it. Never knew how much I needed a pda until I got my 650. And, although I'm no techie, I enjoy figuring out how to make this device even better.
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    I have one of the first locked Cingular Treo's. I really love the device. NO issues; 2 soft resets so far when trying to answer a call waiting but I may have pressed the wrong button. No voicemail # issues; am using my old 32k sim. Don't have many 3rd party apps installed, because I don't have a pressing need for them. I am a heavy cell phone user and call quality/signal strength have been excellent; battery life has been better than expected. I no longer have to carry 2 devices and the camera works better than any other cell phone camera I have used to date (and I have used MANY). After some initial trepidation prior to purchase because of issues posted here I am glad I took the "650 plunge"!
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    I got my 650 in November - no problems and I've found that I keep it within reach 24 hours a day.
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    I commute every day for an hour on the train, and I watch movies and TV shows on my 650 using MMPlayer. The screen for me was worth the upgrade (I use LJP for NES games as well).
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    I wish "somewhat satisfied" said "Satisfied" but I choose it anyway. I like my Treo alot, love the resolution, everyone that uses the internet on it are blown away with Edge. Camera is descent. But I am not, "very satisfied". Hopefully some of the minor bugginess will be fixed.
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    My first post. My first Treo. And my only regret is waiting this long to do either one.

    My 650 is rock-solid and amazing.

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    I would be interested in seeing this poll from the view point of 600 users who upgraded. I have a feeling that we won't see as many VERY Satisfied ratings. Is it worth another poll?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna
    I wish "somewhat satisfied" said "Satisfied" but I choose it anyway. I like my Treo alot, love the resolution, everyone that uses the internet on it are blown away with Edge. Camera is descent. But I am not, "very satisfied". Hopefully some of the minor bugginess will be fixed.
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    At this point 87 people have voted and 52 are VERY SATISFIED. Meaning an overwhelming majority are "VERY SATISFIED". Only 11 voted that they are in any way "DISSATISFIED".

    I think this trend will continue. And proves the real deal with the T650. Most people like it.
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    I must say, I am EXTREMELY pleased with my unlocked Treo 650. When I got it I took the sim out of my Tungsten W, and popped it into the Treo and it worked like a charm data connection worked much faster since it is using EDGE. I have installed all of my 3rd party apps now and have really had NO MAJOR PROBLEMS! Syncs great via BT to my Outlook. Gets mail from the server when I am on the road. I'm a very happy camper.
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    VERY SATISFIED: only minor issues, if any.
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    I think this thread should be made a sticky. Who's with me?
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    My only problems resulted from too quickly overloading it with 3rd party software and old 600 software. Did a hard reset and was more careful with software installation and it has worked flawlessly for the past 2 weeks. My installation includes bt tomtom gps, so it ain't simple. I upgraded from my 600 mainly for the screen resolution and bt to use gps and other mapping applications. I am very satisfied.
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    ok, let me share my experience that I encountered today. I have an unlocked Treo 650 purchased from Palm and today I went and I bought a Cingular 650 from the Corporate Store. To my surprise, I discovered that: the sound on the Cingular 650 is way way louder than the unlocked version, and it seems to perfom better. This is really strange cause reading all these forums, I came to the conclusion that the unlocked version has less bugs and performs better. Btw, the Cingular phone looks pretty cool with the blue around the screen.
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    I have an AT&T locked version which is pretty much the same as the Cingular except for no logo on the bezel. Volume is fine (including speakerphone) and the sound is clear.
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    i had some kinks to work through the first day as well
    after that things have been pretty decent.
    as late in the game as P1 implemented bluetooth, the implementation really should have been better.

    perhaps someone can shoot me down on my criticism of the software. I'm a Mac user, and I've had Palms on and off through the years, but never consistently used them as my jobs have changed. I'm a mobile professional now, so the need is strong. Back when the first treo phone came out, I thought it was great, but the damn thing was just too big. I waited with great anticipation for the 600s release, getting all my email updates, etc, but when it finally came out (initially just for Sprint), I hated Sprint, there was no Bluetooth, and by the time it was available for other carriers, I realized I could already get excellent bluetooth and DUN from the SE T610 for considerably less money on a carrier with better customer service (T-Mo), so I passed on Treo again. I still like the T610, but I really have outgrown the pathetic camera and more than anything I need a better PIM with a keyboard. My T3 is cool, but I've never loved graffiti, and have had some envy for the Clies with keyboards, but stayed away b/c of their size, sync issues with Macs, and proprietary/expensive memory sticks.
    I finally jumped in on this new 650, mine being unlocked GSM for better resale, DUN and because I'm still liking T-Mo (save no EDGE forecast) but I'm wondering why if the 650 is supposed to be loads more than a PIM, why hasn't Palm made significant advances in their OS and built-in apps to embrace this. Having to Sync just to move a photo or song back and forth is stupid. I know there's little busted third party apps to help this which keeps the developer community alive, but they're still little busted thirdy party apps that eventually you feel nickeled and dimed about. I'm a mobile professional, but I'm not so hardcore that I need a new email app, new PIM etc, and basically replace all the stock stuff with more robust applications while essentially paying for a second Treo to do it. All I want to do extra is have a little customization, but to alter the stock system alarms, alerts and ringtones with WAVs or MP3s, and to move a photograph without syncing, you have to buy at least 2 or 3 mediocre apps which have loads of crap in them I don't need, and/or buy a USB card reader to properly manage your SD card. A lot of the third party apps I have to get to do this stuff aren't innovations as much as they are shedding light on and taking advantage of the limitations of the built-in apps. I don't think Palm would discourage third party development by building some of these things in or making them easier to do.

    The other thing, which is related, is how everyone is trying to sponge the maximum amount of what someone will pay for something to accessorize this device. And I'm not just talking about the aformentioned extra apps I have to buy for the smallest amount of customization. I know margins are thin in the tech industry, but it seems like all the accessories are at least $10 more than they should be. $30 for a car charger and $20 for a little packet of miniature plastic screen protectors? I know you can shop around, but these are the regular going rates, and the stuff adds up. And what if you want a simple case without ugly stitching that looks like something from Staples? The Vaja Ivo probably comes the closest to that, but $100 before customization? It should be $50 or $60. I ended up paying $19.95, for one of the skin cases from TC. It's not the most attractive, but good lord, I need to retain some dignity. I'm just a traveling sales rep who wanted to consolidate PDA and phone in one device. I'm no plastic surgeon or independently wealthy guy who needed a new gadget. I hate Microsoft, believe in the underdog, and have liked Palm in the past. I just think Palm has gotten quite lazy on the development of the OS, and third parties are there to leech the Treo buyer like we were all Jaguar driving CEOs with a tech fetish. I'm only 30. I just want my device that I already payed too much for to work, and not have a little customization and sense of aesthetics break the bank.
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    This is the best gadget I've ever had. I came into the fold from a Kyocera 7135 which was my previous best gadget. But it had...quirks. I was NOT looking forward to typing on the itty bitty keyboard. But darn if I can't get information into this thing faster than graffiti. I take the feature set as PalmOne presents it. I don't miss Wifi because that's not how the device was sold. The screen is great. I have it loaded to the gills with 3rd party software. Yeah there are problems with conflicts but that's part of the fun for me. I use the thing all day every day.
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    Add me to the list of very satisifed users. I'm a former user of the Palm i705, and have returned to Palm after a couple of less than great experiences with Windows-based smartphones over the past 3 years. With the exception of 2 soft resets today, which I believe were the result of some difficulty with a pdf file, I have had zero problems with the 650 and Sprint, despite having installed a number of third-party apps including Zlauncher and TomTom Navigator. I was hesitant about buying the 650 due to the negative posts here on TC, but finally decided to give it a try, and have no regrets whatsoever.
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    The 1st 650 I received was defective, but the 2nd 650 has been perfect so far!
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    Love mine. After going through 3 different T600s and reading all the negative feedback about the T650, I hesitated on purchasing one at first. I scouted the market to find a smartphone similar to what the P1 offered, and couldn't find one that combined all the features the Treo650 offered like a decent keyboard, good screen resolution, a smaller (than PPC) form factor and one that would work (nearly) flawlessly with my day-to-day work and communication needs. Lucky for me, a brand new unlocked, unbranded T650 GSM showed up on Craigslist for $500 the day after P1 upped their price to $699, so I took the risk. It's been two weeks and I haven't had a single problem with it. It's a definite improvement over my old T600. The T650 worth the $ I paid for it since I find that I use it more often than my laptop, Archos AV420 and iPod. Convergance at its best.
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