I hear a lot of folks complaining about the map solution channels from AvantG0. I've skirted their stuff and rely soley on the following to programs:

Mapopolis http://www.mapopolis.com

This is the bomb! Everything that HandMap is only FREE!!!! Just load the program on to your Visor and then download maps from their web site. I'm never lost!

But what about driving directions?

Pocket MapBlast from MapBlast.com http://www.mapblast.com

Just click on the Pocket MapBlast tab from the main screen, type in the info to find directions, and IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY ADD THE MAP/DIRECTIONS AS A NEW AVANTGO CHANNEL!!!! That is by far the coolest thing ever.........'cept maybe for the GeoDiscovery rig.

How do the rest of you handle getting/using maps on your Visors?


Did we blow up yet?

...long hair, gun slinging, spurs hittin the floor...