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    Over the past few months I have been updating many of my Icon Manager icon sets. Most are hi-res sets, but one lo-res set is included. All are free for download. First up, for download, is the LF Community icon set which includes the addition of 49 new icons, largely focusing on some hand-drawn corporate and organizational logos. Among others these icons will work in A5, Agendus, Bonsai, Bug Me, Datashield, Datebk5, Dateman, HandyShopper, MonthPlanner, Shadow Plan, Splash ID, Splash Money, and ToDo Now.

    Find out more about this update here

    Icon Manager Icons Download Link - LF Community Icons

    Note: The use of the logos in this icon set are in strict accordance with First Amendment rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Fair Use Clause of Section 107 of the amended Copyright Act of 1976. The creator of these icons receives no monetary gain from the production of this icon set and makes no attempt to lay claim to being the original designer of these logos/trademarks.
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    Cool! Thanks.
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    For anyone interested the LF Professional Icon Manager icon set has been updated. Get them from here.
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    The LF icon set and the LF lo res icon set have been updated. For anyone that is interested you can download them from my website.

    LF Icons:

    LF LoRes Icons:
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    A reasonable kick for the new 700P owners.
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    Nice touch..
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    I know this original thread by Ms. Franke is very old, but I just wanted to say that I only found your icon packs today and have installed all the hi-res ones to my treo 755 and they are just superb, very fun, clear and crisp. thank you so much for these great free icons!!

    Oh, I really need an old fashioned phone icon, any chance you could make one of those that I could put in my icon manager?
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    Freeware Icon Manager is available from

    and a more direct link to Leslie Franke's icons.

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