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    Had avantgo for 5 weeks and loved it - all of a sudden last week, it stopped working right. Any site that uses input data - weather channel zip code, city guides, movie channels, etc . . . . stopped sticking. I'll enter the zip code, and after syncing it again asks for the zip code. I've checked the forms mananger, and I'm doing nothing different than I was in the past. My TV listings don't work either. Help!
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    I had a prob with AvantGo like this a few months ago. I got *exceptional* service from their tech support (via email)! They had me to ditch the cache file or somthing silly like that and it's worked great ever sice.

    Go to the AvantGo site, log in, then click the *company* tab at top. Left side of the new page is a *contact* link.......then the tech support link and your on your way to being well again.

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