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    I'm patiently waiting for this app to come available for the T650. This app will really make the T650 experience even better for me.

    I have some questions.

    When setting up a filter to go straight to voicemail. Does the phone ring several times or does the caller go straight to voicemail as if the phone was off? I'm hoping the caller doesn't have to sit through so many rings.

    Suppressing SMS message notification. Does this work well? Sometimes that darn thing can pop on at the worst times. I don't like anyone knowing how frequent or infrequent the messages are coming.

    That's about it; I guess i'll have to get rid of ringo after this is released; because I dont' want two apps trying to open at the same time (one to play the mp3 ringtone and the other to filter calls) and risk the Treo crashing.
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    The send to voicemail option will act more like if you have your phone on, but don't answer. So the caller will hear a few rings before being sent to voicemail. There is another option called ignore call, this function emulates you hitting the ignore button so that the caller is sent to voicemail a little quicker. The ignore call is a little rougher than the send to voicemail option, and would reccomend using send to voicemail over ignore call.

    The SMS suppression does work fairly well, but I've found that setting up the rules to work like you want to take a few trail and errors.
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