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    I have a friend who ssentially wants to be able to connect the Treo 650 via cable to a laptop, have the Treo 650 recieve email messages (email client doesn't matter), then synchronize that change to Outlook (realtime somewhat like Activesync). Then he would like to be able to reply to the message in Outlook and then have the message sent back out through the Treo 650. Is this possible with some kind of third party conduit? I know it sounds wierd but is it at all possible?
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    That's kinda a goofy way of doing it. If I understand your question correctly, you're wanting:

    mail server (pop/imap/something)->Treo(sync)->laptop/Outlook

    read mail, compose responses in Outlook then

    Outlook(sync)->Treo(smtp/imap)->mail server ?

    Why not just get PDANet and use your Treo as your wireless network connection and just connect Outlook directly to the mail server over the net w/o using the Treo's mail functionality at all?

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    LOL.......I couldn't agree more, it is a crazy (to put it nicely) way of doing it, I even showed him PDANet and he didn't like it. I was just hoping someone else might know of something. thanks for your suggestions though.

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