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    ok, so what if we don't solve it, but work around it...

    Anyone good with MIDI? It seems we could make a MIDI alarm that was silent, merge it with the standard Alarms and set the offending apps to alarm silent.

    Sound good? I have the software to merge MIDI files into the alarms, but I don't know how to make a MIDI file.
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    I believe that there is a flag set in your "Saved Preferences." When I first migrated from my Palm IIIx to my Prism, I had no double alarms, but after accidentally invoking DateBk+ one day I started geting them and could NOT get rid of them, even after hard resets and reloads.

    The way I was finally able to get rid of them was to do another hard reset, but before restoring I replaced Saved_Preferences.PRC with the version that I had kept from my last IIIx backup. Worked like a charm - no double alarms and no need to use the stub. (This is on OS 3.5.2H1.2)

    So, if you have a backup of Saved_Preferences from before you started getting doubles, try restoring it. If you don't have a backup, you might try removing Saved_Preferences.PRC from your backup directory before doing a full restore - sure, you'll lose some custom setings elswhere, but you might just lose those damned double alarms, too!
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    Originally posted by IanP
    thought I'd installed PocketMirror® 3.0.2 Standard Update but the file list in Pocket Mirror Settings > About shows 3.0??!?!?!?!
    After installation of PocketMirror 3.0.2, my Chapura Settings About box shows CCMgr at 1.0.5 and the five PocketMirror DLLs all at 3.0.2
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    Any other ideas how to stop these double Alarms ?
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    Despite my statement(s) above, my current thinking on the subject is that if you AVOID EVER going into the ROM datebook or datebook+ you will NOT get dual alarms?

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    Originally posted by dequardo
    Despite my statement(s) above, my current thinking on the subject is that if you AVOID EVER going into the ROM datebook or datebook+ you will NOT get dual alarms?
    That's the way it was for me. I never had double alarms until I inadvertently went into DB+ one day, then I was unable to get rid of them until I restored Saved_Preferences to before that date. I believe that a flag get set in there when you first run one of the inbuilt apps, which is subsequently backed up in Saved_Peferences and restored even after a hard reset.
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    Both the Outlook and the Datebook/Datebook+ theories seem to hold water. Both have been put to Iambic ... no response in terms of a solution.

    So where are all the hackers out there. If we're correct and a flag in the saved preferences is being altered, surely a little app can be run once then removed from the palm which corrects the flag.

    Further, would I be correct in thinking the initial install of AN already actually does this???
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    I agree but would rather have Iambic just solve this. Their support seems spotty. It is very good at times then they are silent for stretches.

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    Where did you find this version? I've rechecked their site and can only find 4.0c.

    When I look at what's installed on my Visor, it's called 4.0c,s1

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    FYI, I sent Iambic a ROM copy of my Platinum in their attempt to troubleshoot this further. Tech Support agrees that invoking the ROM datebook/s MAY be the cause. Stay tuned.

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