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    Although I love all of the features (& am living with all of the bugs) on my new Treo 650, the phone's speaker volume at max is the softest of any cell phone I have ever had....Any suggestions???
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    OK, I guess I missed another thread that discusses this problem. It appears this is a common complaint. If I don't hear about a fix in the next few days, I will probably return my Treo.....
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    What type of 650 is this? Sprint, Cingular, GSM Unlocked?
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    I have found that speaker volume is quieter on the unlocked GSM than on the Sprint 650. I have also found that the bluetooth headset volume is much louder on the unlocked GSM than on the Sprint. I do wish it was louder but I'll live with it for now. At least in the car with the bluetooth headset I can now hear OK when before I couldn't.
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    I have a 650 GSM that I am using with TMobile. Both the speaker phone volume and the earpiece volume is weak...

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