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    Is anyone using egrips with a form-fit or skin case? I'm considering the Krusell Classic, and am curious as to whether also using egrips would interfere.
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    I have egrips on my Treo 650 and it fits in the Krusell case without any problems. Am not sure about other cases like Vaja (still waiting for my Vaja)
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    Excellent. Thanks Doc.
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    just got my vaja t65 in and the egrip i had on it seem to make it a bit hard to get in i wore the egrip down quite good, so i did its job while using it so i took it off and in went the treo in to the aja case.
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    My egrips work great with the pouch case I got off ebay. It had a flap with a magnet, but I cut that off to make it easier to get the phone in and out of the case. With the egrips the phone does not even slip a little as to where I would be afraid it would fall out.
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    Is anyone using egrips on a treo 650 with a nutshell case designed for the treo 650. I have Egrips and have ordered the nutshell case but started wondering after I ordered it if the egrips would cause a problem with getting the Treo in and out.
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    I am currently using egrips with the nutshell case for skins. I works okay with the skins, but I can't decide if I like the feel of the skin. I have egrips on the Treo and it works great with this new Nutshell that was designed for skins. Just tight enough not to worry about sliding out, but easy enough to get in and out. I like it much better than the case from ebay that I posted earlier about.

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