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    I was wondering if I brought a unlocked Treo 650 say from like Ebay, will I still be able to access web,IM, and Cinular's MediaNet without any problems simply pop in my SIM. Because I brought a unlocked Motorola V690 and when I put in my Cingluar SIM I was unable to access the web or any of ther other features but only use as a phone. I travel alot overseas and I want a unlocked 650 so I could use my prepaid Orange SIM card while still having all the features of a lock 650 from Cingular, minus the crapware!

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    with an unlocked Treo650 you can pop in any active SIM card from any carrier. It will work.
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    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    thanks, because I don't want what happen with the V690 I have unlocked...

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