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    I purchased a Seidio G2100 car kit for the Treo 650. I just was able to install it to take on a week long trip. Here are my impressions.

    I must say that I hope PalmOne or someone else comes up with something better than the Seidio G2100.

    1) It is awkward to use. This may, in part, be PalmOne's fault. When using the audio out jack to connect audio to a speaker, stereo, etc. you have to place the phone in speakerphone mode to hear anything. Sometimes, you can only hear the speaker in the phone itself. Other times you will hear it ok through the stereo speakers. When it fails to connect, for whatever reason, the only way you can get the sound through the speakers again is to hang up and call back. Very aggrivating.

    2) Audio quality is horrible when the unit is plugged into the 12 volt source. The charger produces tons of noise which is induced into the audio line. It is NOT alternator noise. It is noise from the charger. You can hear lots of squeals and squaks form what is likely a switchmode powersupply inside the cradle unit. Only unplugging the 12 volt source clears the noise. This is unacceptable in my view. You really can't listen to MP3's while the unit is plugged in. It sounds terrible.

    3) The microphone arrangement is ridiculous. You have to plug in an external mic provided and clip it to you shirt. Wires everywhere. If you use the built in mic in the phone, you are too far from it and the only way people can hear you is to scream.

    Why didn't I buy a G2500M with the built in speaker? Because in Seidio's infinite wisdom, the speaker covers up the antenna port.

    In my opinion this is a poor product and a poor solution to a mobile cradle kit. I'd sure like to see someone come with something better than this thing. I may just remove it and buy a Pro-Clip.
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    Hmmmm. No comments. Not even by Mr. Seidio.
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    I've mentioned this in previous threads of mine. I've never been impressed with the quality of Seidio's products.
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    It also looks really big and boxy. It seems like it would stick out like a sore thumb...and I don't even just mean in the sense of theives, but just my own personal desire to have my car look nice...

    If i'm wrong, someone correct me!

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