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    I'm having two problems with AvantGo and was wondering if anyone else had the same (or solutions, or could point out obvious errors in my thinking!)

    1) MapQuest.

    I have a MapQuest channel. In it, I can enter the address of a location, and then it says it will retrieve the map on the next Hotsync. It doesn't do anything...just the same old "enter an address" screen.

    I CAN go to the Mapquest site, find a map, and then save it to my PDA, but that seems to be the backwards way of doing it. Any ideas?

    2) I have the Minneapolis Star Tribune AvantGo channel. I get the listings of sections I want to read, and today's date, but everytime I click on a section to read, I get a "This document is not available on this device" error message.

    Again, any ideas?
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    Check the "Forms Manager". While in AvantGo, tap on the MENU silkscreen icon, then tap "Forms Manager". Your results should be listed there. Good Luck grasshopper!

    Joe V. - Simi Valley, CA
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    Thanks. I took a look at the Forms Manager and it says all of the Mapquest requests were succesful, so the problem lies somewhere else..let me do some more digging.

    As for the Star Tribune, apparently there is an error on their end and they straigtened it our for me.

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