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    Hello all, I had my 650 Unlocked GSM here in Indonesia (moving up from a 600), and after playing with it for a couple of days, I have realized about this symptoms:

    1. After every Sync process, the unit keep soft resetting itself and that makes turns off the phone automatically and it stays like that until I turn the phone manually. Does anybody have this problem?

    2. There is no way I can silent the ongoing call by pressing the side buttons nor any button in the keyboard (tried so many different scenario, doesn't work)

    3. I sync my unit with 2 PCs (a desktop and a n0tebook). Unlike my old 600, everytime I sync between the two computers, it duplicates all the entries in Outlook. So I have double the entry in Contacts and Calendar (but not Notes nor Tasks). What to do? Getting frustated here.

    4. Weird one: If I leave the unit attached to the USB and charger cable and a call is coming thru and rings the phone, unplugging the unit from the cables turns off the rings. Does anybody have this too?

    Definitely call volume in the earpiece is better in the 600!

    Any help on these would greatly appreciated. Thank you all!!!

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    1. I think that you need to make sure that you are using the correct version of HotSync on the PC. Mine hotsyncs OK.

    2. I don't understand this problem. By "silent" do you mean to stop the ringer or mute the phone's microphone?

    3. This has never been supported. You can only "sync" with one computer. I do a "handheld overrides desktop" sync to a second computer. But only one can be a 2-way sync.

    4. Not tried this. Why would you want to unplug it to answer the call?

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    Just flip the switch on top of the phone to silence the calls.
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    The only thing I get on my 650 is: if it rings, and my finger touch's the first half of the screen, it will silence the rings. Or if I touch the outer edge of the screen, it answers....why? I do not know...
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    Search and Read, read and search. There are literally hundreds, probably thousands of posts dealing with these subjects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    Search and Read, read and search. There are literally hundreds, probably thousands of posts dealing with these subjects.
    well then point him to one.
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    1. I have observed the same, mostly when I'm installing software - the last two times I HotSynced, I don't believe it happened. The Treo prompts me, it doesn't just auto-reset, so it doesn't bother me too much at this point. But I don't remember the 600 doing so much resetting either.

    2. This has been discussed, saw a whole thread on it the other day (sorry, don't have link handy). I believe people said the Calendar button did the trick, but the side buttons don't. This bug seems to affect all the unlocked GSM units, but not the locked Cingular units, according to what I read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chartanto
    Any help on these would greatly appreciated.
    I answered some of these for you yesterday. You've now got 3 different threads going about this.
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