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    My 650 is on the way and I am now looking into BT headsets... I have read many post and done some research and I have found that these BT headset seem to be the better ones:

    Jabra FreeSpeak BT250
    Epox BT-HS02
    Cardo Scala 500
    Logitech Mobile Freedom

    Does one of these stand out as better or worse than the others and is my list missing an excellent headset?. My priority is connectivity with the treo 650, sound quality, comfort and battery life.

    I know a lot of it comes down to personal preference and each one will have fans and not impressed users, I'm just trying to slim down my selection. B&M stores have limited selection and I'm sure they don't want people to buy then return to try them all

    I did have a couple of qu about BT head set...

    1. Call wait and voice dial don't work on BT headsets?
    2. Do the headsets ring, or do you have to listen for your phone then activate the headset?

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    The Sony HBH-660 and Scala are the best based on most posts here. I have the HBH-660 and love it.
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    I wrote this in another thread, but thought I would add it here as well.

    I have decided that I don't really think it matters which is the 'best" headset. I think it is which is the best for "you". From reading all the threads and trying several, it seems to depend upon a great many variables. The Treo is obviously fairly worthless as used with a bluetooth headset the way bluetooth should perform. It seems that the main variable for each person is the environment in which they are going to be using their headset. I may be wrong, but I have tried Scala 500, HS820, BT250, HBH-660, and BlueTrek G2. They all performed pretty close to one another. With the exception of a slight volume difference for those that fit in the ear a little better. They all had static at some time or another. None had the range that a bluetooth device should have. They all seemed to have fairly good voice quality on the other end most of the time. So again, I have drawn my own conclusion that a persons environment has a great deal in determining which bluetooth headset is right for them.
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    Here's a vote for the Logitech Cordless Freedom. It works much better than my Scala 500. The Logitech isn't very popular. I'm not sure why because it's relatively cheap and has no bad reviews other than some mild criticism about inadequate volume, to which I would concur. (of course this is probably the Treo's fault).

    I also agree with the stated reviews that the wind performance on this headset is second to none. The windscreen on this unit is unique. It has the same texture as the "air-stones" used in fish aquariums. I've stood in 20 mph wind and the caller could not hear the gusts.

    Additionally, my fiance' prefers the headset to the 650's internal mic. She regularly asks me to switch to the headset when I'm in a noisy environment.

    My Scala is going on eBay. I believe someone will have better luck with another type of phone.
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