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    I wonder how much longer the moderators are going to ignore this thread.

    Who's with me???
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    Time to let this thread die a natural death, my suggestion -- no more replies. Indeed I would not have done this one except the darn thread popped up on my first page again.

    Fact is the 650 is a great, but not perfect, device that still could use some fixes but is better for most of us than anything out there. True, some people have had more problems than others and a lot of us wish P1 would move faster to fix some things, but the patches and fixes found via TC have worked well for me and, like most folks here, I am happy with my purchase. So there!

    So give the 650 bashing a rest and let this thread die!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shatter
    Seriously, do you really think Tupac Shakur was that great?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shatter
    Not only was he in trouble with the law, in jail, and a drug user
    Sounds like you're describing Bill Clinton

    Quote Originally Posted by Shatter
    but he got killed because if the type of people that he associated with.
    I answered this earlier, that's not why he got killed, he choose to die they way he's quite deep, *some* may say he commited a form of suicide...

    He called it euthanasia. (Which be the way was the name he gave his record label)

    Quote Originally Posted by Shatter
    Do you know what all these people have in common? Biggie, Tupac, Ray Lewis, Snoop,....? The are all Losers! Don't be one yourself!
    Depend who you ask...
    "They say my ghetto instrumental detrimental to kids, as if they can't see the misery in which they live." Krazy -Tupac Shakur

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    I think we've seen enough...
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